Emporos EP

by Emporos

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I. Wings of the Scorned
II. Mindsauce
III. Knuckle Sandwich
IV. Decomposition Process


released November 14, 2016

All songs written by Emporos
Engineered, Mixed, and Mastered by Phil Pluskota @ Sonic Assault Studios in Cape Coral Fl.



all rights reserved


Emporos Orlando, Florida

Emporos is 6-piece Melodic Deathcore band from Orlando/ Jacksonville Fl.

Since 2013, the band has shared the stage with Legendary bands such as Cannibal Corpse, Obituary, Nile, Whitechapel, Suffocation, and many more.

In 2016, Emporos released their first self-titled EP and was invited to open the first date of The Summer Slaughter Tour in Ft. Lauderdale Fl.

Be on watch for Emporos in 2017.
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Track Name: Wings of the Scorned
Wings of the scorned
Wrapping around me
Limbs are torn
Now taking flight
Searching for vulnerability
The vultures rejoice
Blacking out
Fed to the dirt
Underneath shallow ground
I murmur
With death
Predetermined kill
Body optimized
Burning lights flash
Before my eyes
Catch a glimpse of the past
You were not you
My soul ascending
My view expanded
I saw your depiction
All at once
Carved into the crust
Of the earth
My soul ascending
My view expanded
Repetition of decay
Evoking you
The vultures rejoice
Searching for vulnerability
Now taking flight
Limbs are torn
Wrapping around me
Wings of the scorned
Track Name: Mind Sauce
Open your eyes
Counterfeits in disguise
Unraveling at the wake
Seeking vengeance
Seeking prey
And conforming wrath
Cold blooded conscience
Sifting vast oceans
Of hate
We are the factor in hate
Due to demolition
We will sing at the gates
I am the one who creates
We are the ones who create
We are not running away
We are here to stay
Just take a good look around you
They've come to pillage our rights
Pillage our rights
Because of them
We'll have to restart
And we'll make it our own
And we'll make this world our own
And we'll make it ours
Covered in blood
Killing our pride
What's left to decide
Covered in blood
Killing our pride
What is left to decide
Track Name: Knuckle Sandwich
Thank your gods
Everyday that you pray
Never used to be this sane
I would end your life
In the worst way
You couldn't fathom
The sick shit
I thought up
Torch you alive
With open flames
Just to see
The pain on your face
I have seen
The fear in your eyes
Standing over your body
It's in your light
You don't belong
I'll wipe you off this earth
You're fucking scum
I'll wipe you off this earth
Shouldn't have done me wrong
Now I'm sending you to hell Where you belong
Take your corpse to the river
I begin
I'll Stand over you
And begin to feed you to the pigs
Death comes
The day is near
I made my choices
And your limit was fear
Track Name: Decomposition Process
This leather bound coffin
slowly withers from bones divine
Lakes of flesh and dead carcass shrines
Lay with the sands and wake to the dead of time
With each whimpered gasp death doth crawl near
Permeating fumes of rot in the air
From this stench, I can smell the death
Though I can't feel
No feeling
I am numb!
Not so comfortable
I can tell the time of day by the cold of night.
Etched in my head.
Eyelids are gone, no luxury for me
Too close my eyes would be a sight to see,
My chest slowly constricting
From this curse lifted x4